Pete Taylor


Bornand raised in Richmond, Va., I am a professional photographer based in the Washington, DC area. I service photography to the entire Mid-Atlantic region and beyond.  I have performed photography services in just about every genre including weddings and events, families, children, newborns, personal and corporate head-shots, and product photography.


I find that portraits are most interesting when shot at distinctive locations, allowing clients to interact with the surrounding space and light, which I balance with additional professional lighting.


I pride myself with making each shoot unique and relative to the client, and my many repeat clients find that each new shoot is different from the previous one.


Surely one of the most important matters for each client is the rate.  Every photo shoot or event requires different styles and concepts, equipment, travel distance, and even personnel.  


Photographing a family of three is certainly different from a family of ten, and I always aim to provide the most affordable rate possible to accommodate client needs.  Please make sure to read the information about my rates and services on the policy page for more information.


Thank you for visiting and viewing my photography, and do not hesitate to schedule your very own shoot or to begin booking for your next event with PTaylor photography. I look forward to working with you! 



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